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2006 3rd Quarter:

You Want To Grow - We Want To Help

Jeff Heggedahl, President, Harland Printed Products

Jeff Heggedahl

Harland wants to help you perform better in the areas that matter the most to you. That’s why over the past seven years, we’ve focused on transforming our business from simply printing checks to providing strategic solutions to help you grow your business.

Consider, for example, what happens when a new checking account is opened at your financial institution. If Harland "thought" only as a check printer, we’d simply be interested in getting the check order. However, as a strategic solutions provider and partner to your business, we want to show you why you should consider using one of our core processing solutions to increase accountholder satisfaction, enhance efficiency and improve service. Once a check order is placed, our digital printing capabilities enable customized messaging within the check package to support your business initiatives—whether that’s welcoming new accountholders or cross-selling your other products and services.

After a new account is opened, we can help you onboard new customers and members through automated welcome letters, switch kits and surveys—all designed to make the account opening experience positive and memorable, and to set the stage for building long-term relationships.

Further into the new relationship, our predictive behavioral models can help you target consumers with products and services they are most likely to acquire, as well as assess their risk of attrition. To sustain and grow your accounts, we can even provide custom research collection, staff education, leadership development and consumer outreach. In all these ways and more, Harland is thinking like a financial institution, strategizing to help you maximize every transaction with your accountholders.

As You Grow, So Do We

By helping you solve critical business challenges, your business grows and so does ours. Harland’s fifteen acquisitions over the past seven years are a testament to this fact. We’re expanding our business to better serve you, not only through acquisitions, but also by improving existing products and services, as well as through the development of new solutions.

Measuring Success

Measuring success is an important component of managing our business. It shows us how well we are meeting your current needs and how well we’re anticipating future ones. We measure success in two ways that are similar to how your institution measures its success. First, we look at how many clients we have and how well we’re doing on acquiring and retaining those clients. Second, we look at the strength of our partnerships by assessing how many products and services we actually provide each client. Today, fully two-thirds of all financial institutions nationwide buy on average 2.3 products from Harland. Our goal is to both increase the number of institutions that we do business with and the number of solutions we provide each institution.

To that end, our solution spotlight this quarter focuses on HarlandImpactSM and the power of intelligent, targeted messaging to drive marketing return on investment. Liberty is launching its own version of the solution, and we look forward to sharing more case study results demonstrating the value HarlandImpact delivers. Also in this issue, we’ve enclosed a newsletter survey, which I encourage you to complete and return. Your feedback is important to us and will help guide future issues of Delivering Value.

To our existing clients, I extend my sincere thanks for your business. You have our continued commitment to your success. To prospective clients, I invite you to come and grow with us. Please expect a call in the very near future from one of my colleagues to talk to you about how Harland can help you in your business.

Best regards,

Jeff Heggedahl, President
Harland Printed Products