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2006 2nd Quarter:

A Winning Proposition

Harland’s value proposition helps clients improve financial performance and achieve sustainable growth.

A “win-win” scenario is hard to come by these days, but Harland Printed Products, the oldest and largest division of the John H. Harland Company, has a clear business strategy and the market is taking notice. “Printed Products focuses on increasing the profitability of financial institutions’ relationships with their accountholders and increasing the loyalty these consumers have to their bank or credit union. When our clients succeed, so do we,” says Marc Ruggiano, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Harland Printed Products.

Today, many financial institutions share the same concerns and are seeking alternatives to improve consumer loyalty and grow their business. As a leading provider of checks and integrated marketing services, Harland is answering the call with innovative solutions and services that improve account performance and create long-term value.

Creating Value

Value creation starts with Harland’s enhanced check program. Clients draw on Harland’s broad, integrated capabilities to touch their accountholders with marketing programs that increase brand awareness and top-line results. “Our enhanced check services create new business generating opportunities that align marketing strategies with performance objectives to achieve quantifiable results,” says Ruggiano.

Harland’s business model is to support, rather than compete with its clients. As such, Harland markets to end consumers only on behalf of their clients rather than on its own behalf. This fact alone sets Harland apart from its competitors. Moreover, it enables Harland to provide unmatched support for its clients’ brands.

Delivering Results

Harland’s ability to work on behalf of financial institutions extends both to their consumers and small business customers through programs such as HarlandConnectSM and HBS Advantage. Through these programs, Harland uses its check-ordering expertise to strengthen relationships and increase the value of each order sold by cross-selling and up-selling related products.

Another example of how Harland delivers value to clients is HarlandImpactSM which combines Harland’s Stratics behavioral models and digital print technology. HarlandImpact delivers to individual consumers personalized messages designed to cross-sell and up-sell other products from the financial institution. These targeted messages promote the products that the consumer is most likely to purchase and are inserted in individual checkbooks, rather
than traditional, generic flyers in the check box.

The Printed Products’ value proposition was developed to help Harland demonstrate its commitment to its clients’ success. Today, financial institutions of all sizes are realizing a partnership with Harland can lead to stronger, more profitable relationships with their accountholders. It was a key factor in Printed Products’ winning a number of new accounts in the past two years, including the largest in the company’s history. And, if the division’s first quarter sales results are any indication, the trend will continue. Printed Products posted sales of $172.8 million for the first quarter of 2006, representing a 23 percent increase from the $140.4 million sales reported for the same period last year. Clearly, the Printed Products value proposition is a “win-win” for Harland and its clients.