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Harland Clarke Releases 2014 Report on State of EMV Preparedness


Survey Provides Insight into Financial Institutions’ Readiness and Attitudes

About Pending EMV Deadline


SAN ANTONIO (Nov. 4, 2104) — Harland Clarke Corp., a leading provider of integrated solutions to financial institutions, has announced the release of a special report.  The State of EMV: Countdown to 2015 provides insight into how financial institutions are preparing for the October 2015 EMV-liability shift.1

Europay®, MasterCard® and Visa® (EMV) is a global payment standard that uses computer-chip technology on credit and debit cards to authenticate transactions. EMV has become a top consideration for financial institutions because its chip is more secure than a magnetic stripe. U.S. merchants and issuers must upgrade existing terminals or buy new ones and be EMV-ready by October 2015, or face liability for losses in the event of fraud. Currently, the card issuer absorbs fraud losses on cards transactions. After October 2015, the non-EMV-compliant party (issuer or merchant) will be liable for fraud losses in the event that an EMV card is used at a non-EMV-capable terminal, or a non-EMV card is used at an EMV-capable terminal.

“Though they still face some challenges — including the cost of implementation — financial institutions are seeking more information and moving steadily toward next year’s deadline,” said Nicole Machado, director of Card Services for Harland Clarke.

Harland Clarke surveyed 750 financial institutions of various asset sizes and annual card volumes in May 2014 for the report. The survey follows up on a similar survey conducted last year and provides a view of the progress and changes made by financial institutions since that time. Key findings of the survey include:


  • Financial institutions have shortened their implementation time frames. While time frames for EMV implementation have shortened from last year’s responses, the final implementation dates are still in line with last year’s responses, suggesting that financial institutions remain committed to their implementation goals.


  • More financial institutions are engaging electronic funds transfer (EFT) processors in their research. A year ago, 47 percent of financial institutions said they had engaged their EFT processors, compared with 73 percent this year. This indicates a more informed and dedicated commitment to EMV migration by financial institutions.


  • Increased incidents of fraud and specter of liability shift continue to drive implementation. Fraud deterrence and the impending liability shift remain the top two reasons for moving toward EMV.


  • Financial institutions are still largely undecided about EMV programs. Despite the many preparations respondents have made, more than half of financial institutions have not yet decided on a specific EMV program.


  • With recent security breaches, EMV priorities remain steady. Sixty-five percent of respondents reported that the recent Target® breach had not affected their EMV priorities. This suggests that financial institutions feel they have dedicated the appropriate resources to EMV migration, even as the breach heightened EMV awareness in their cardholders.


To download the full survey report, click The State of EMV: Countdown to 2015.

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1 Visa, Visa Bulletin: Visa Announces U.S. Participation in Global Point-of-Sale Counterfeit Liability Shift, August 9, 2011


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