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Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. Announces Completion of Acquisition of Valassis



Harland Clarke Holdings Corp.





SAN ANTONIO (Feb. 4, 2014) — We are proud to announce that Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. has completed its acquisition of Valassis, a leader in intelligent media delivery.

Through integrated print and digital media, Valassis provides more than 15,000 advertisers with proven and innovative media solutions and the ability to target up to 113 million households. Valassis’ services are complementary to those currently delivered by Harland Clarke and Scantron. With Valassis, Harland Clarke Holdings Corp. will be a leader in marketing, transaction and intelligent media delivery services, consumer and business direct printing, and education solutions. The expanded HCHC will serve a range of industries including financial, education, consumer business and direct, grocery and drug, specialty retail, consumer packaged goods, restaurants, consumer services, telecom, satellite, discount stores, and direct marketing. Valassis will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., retaining its own brand.

For more information about this acquisition, please see the press release. To learn more about Valassis, visit