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Harland Clarke Announces Newly Enhanced StraticsĀ® Propensity Models

Proprietary Predictive Modeling Suite Addresses Changes in the Economy, Financial Services Industry and Consumer Behavior

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — Harland Clarke Corp., a leading provider of marketing services, payment and security solutions to financial institutions, today announced significant enhancements to its Stratics® predictive modeling suite. The enhanced models reflect fundamental changes in the economy, banking regulations, financial product offerings and consumer behavior. Harland Clarke leverages Stratics in its Opportunity Analysis™, a tool that provides financial institutions with actionable insight into the opportunities and risks associated with their portfolio.

Stratics is a suite of more than 50 predictive models that help financial institutions identify high-value account holders as well as those who are at risk of attrition and balance diminishment.  The models are based on Harland Clarke’s proprietary National Financial Industry Database which is built from banking behavioral data of more than 55 million households of account holders at a vast number of financial institutions of all asset sizes. The models help financial institutions understand account holders’ unique needs and assist them in customizing marketing efforts. The result is improved financial institution insight for better marketing performance and ROI, particularly in onboarding and cross-sell marketing programs.

The enhanced Stratics models account for changes in the industry and changes in consumers’ lifestyles and purchases. “For example, as consumers have sought greater liquidity, there has been a 25 percent increase in the number of new money market and savings customers compared with the same period last year,” said Sandeep Kharidhi, vice president of Analytics and Business Intelligence for Harland Clarke. “And we’re seeing a 20 percent increase in new credit card and loan customers versus last year as interest rates have remained low and financial institutions have sought to grow their loan portfolios.”

The model enhancements underscore Harland Clarke’s commitment to helping financial institutions use data analytics to drive marketing decisions and marketing performance.

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