Corporate Citizenship

We are privileged to serve.

Community Relations

Harland Clarke believes that as a corporate entity we have a responsibility to invest not only in our business goals, but also in efforts that support and strengthen our communities — improving quality of life for those who comprise our business and for those we are privileged to serve. 

As a company, we support broad-reaching charitable efforts that impact thousands of lives, as well as more localized causes that are personally meaningful to our employees and clients. The resources we contribute include both time and financial underwriting. Key areas of philanthropic support include the business environment, financial education and literacy, health and human services, the arts and diversity.

Every year, we run our Heart of the Community – Supporting United Way campaign. This is a time where we create awareness around what the United Way does for local communities, provide volunteer opportunities, host friendly competitions and events to raise funds. The dedication and giving hearts of our team members never fails to astonish.


At Harland Clarke, we believe global sustainability, environmental protection, and corporate social responsibility are the foundation of our corporate citizenship. Our enterprise success relies on the planet for resources that allow us to provide valuable products and services to our clients.

As an organization, we incorporate management systems and programs that enable quality excellence, environmental protection, occupational health and safety as the foundation of business excellence. And we continuously assess and improve our environmental footprint for the benefit of our team members, our clients and the greater ecosystem.

While we can conduct business in many ways, we choose to be responsible with the resources we use; intentional with the sustainability architecture we build; and mindful of the legacy we leave behind.