Harland Clarke Mystery Shopping Puts Feedback
at Your Fingertips — Fast

Harland Clarke Mystery Shopping gives you key information and insights into consumers' experience of your organization’s brand. We combine our extensive expertise and more than 100 years of experience in the financial services industry. The result is that our trained shoppers and easy-to-use online reporting tool provide you a comprehensive solution that delivers timely and actionable data to support your employee training program.

The Harland Clarke Mystery Shop Process

Develop a customized plan. Our team works with you to identify areas of focus and develop customized shopping scenarios that will create a baseline analysis of your key products and brand touchpoints.

Execute thorough, strategic shops.  Our highly qualified and trained mystery shoppers conduct multichannel, customized shops, then provide you with quantitative data and detailed narratives of their experiences. 

Access in-depth shop reports quickly with EnGauge. The EnGauge online reporting tool enables you to continue to monitor shops in near real-time. With EnGauge, you can easily monitor and measure interactions between employees and Harland Clarke shoppers at every touchpoint, gain insights about your financial institution from your account holder’s perspective — then identify areas of excellence and opportunities for performance feedback and coaching.

Qualified and Experienced Shoppers

Harland Clarke selects only knowledgeable, highly competent shoppers who typically have experience shopping financial institutions and live or work within the communities of the branch locations they shop. They receive specialized training on service standards and administration procedures, and many are certified with the Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA).

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