Give Victims of Check Fraud the White-Glove Treatment

Financial and emotional distress from check fraud can be overwhelming for your account holders. Often, this results in a loss of trust and confidence in your financial institution that can be costly and difficult to regain. 

Regaining trust begins with recovery. CheckAssure from Harland Clarke provides white-glove check fraud recovery support when your account holders need you most — and it helps your customers resume their daily business, as well as restore trust and confidence in your financial institution. 

Including CheckAssure as part of your personal check product provides check fraud protection for your most valuable account holders.¹ With 12 months² of one-to-one assistance with fraud recovery support, CheckAssure provides resolution and advancement of funds on the following forms of check fraud: forged signatures, forged endorsements and altered checks. 
CheckAssure gives your account holders peace of mind that, in the event of check fraud, you’ll make sure they have the support they need. Beyond your financial institution’s resolution process, CheckAssure provides the added benefits of dedicated resolution specialists and a multi-step process to discover, isolate and help prevent future fraud. 
How CheckAssure works
  • CheckAssure comes with personal check orders³ 
  • Check buyers are notified that CheckAssure is in place when they order their checks
  • No activation required 
  • Check fraud recovery instructions are included with every order 
  • In the event of check fraud, dedicated Resolution Specialists augment and work with your internal check fraud recovery team and spend whatever time is necessary with your account holders to address their needs  
Benefits to your account holders 
  • Peace of mind knowing that fraud recovery support is available in the event of check fraud³
  • An assigned Resolution Specialist to advocate on the account holder’s behalf to discover, isolate and help prevent future fraud events 
  • No-cost check replacement
  • Advancement of funds lost from fraud – up to $2,500 per incident 
  • 12 months of dedicated assistance from certified fraud recovery specialists when a fraud event occurs 
Benefits to your financial institution 
  • Creates a better customer experience in the event of fraud 
  • Provides additional check fraud recovery support to your internal team  
  • Reduces risk to the financial institution – funds advancement up to $2,500 per check mitigates the risk of early disbursement   
  • And, you receive a revenue share* on every eligible personal check order
Make CheckAssure part of your personal check program and give your account holders the peace of mind they deserve and support when they need it most. For more information on adding CheckAssure to your check program, contact your Harland Clarke account executive.






* Your Harland Clarke Account Executive will provide details of your revenue share.

¹ Account holders 55+ with an annual household income >$75K write the highest number of checks. Nielsen Check Buyer Behavior Study, 2014.
² CheckAssure is available for up to 12 months from the date the check order is shipped or until the last check in the order is used, whichever comes first.
³ CheckAssure comes with personal check orders when offered by your financial institution as part of your personal check product. Certain MSRP-priced personal check products will not include CheckAssure.