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Communicating effectively with the customers you want to attract and engage is a key part of growing your business — and nothing delivers email impact and efficiency like SubscriberMail, a division of Harland Clarke.

Our Web-based email marketing platform provides a user-friendly and intuitive system for you to use on the front end, backed by powerful and innovative technology as well as dedicated support. A team of email marketing experts is on hand to offer strategic consulting and/or full-service management for sophisticated email programs.

Why choose SubscriberMail?

Here are just some of the features and benefits SubscriberMail offers you:

  • Full-service, self-service and collaborative partnership models available
  • Client vetting process ensures that only reputable marketers deploy through SubscriberMail, protecting the digital reputation of all system users
  • Message creation designed to suit your needs, including HTML file management and a custom modular template system
  • Expansive API capabilities for data synchronization and program management across platforms, as well as integration with CRM, social media and Web analytics solutions
  • A comprehensive offering of Strategic Services, including custom template development, acquisition/retention strategies, creative review programs, ad hoc campaign management, competitive analysis and more
  • Automated solutions for transactional and recurring messages
  • Patented Enterprise solution allowing for standardization of email communications across multiple business units
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SubscriberMail can help maximize your email marketing success. To discover how, call 630.303.5000, or email

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